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Is it really that time again? Man, how time flies! I am super excited to be doing this a second time, and hope my requests don't scare you off!

Alright, here we go!

Set List Fandoms:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

I admit, I haven't been keeping up on this fandom as much as I should (I am, like, 180 episodes behind, and the anime ends next week. Maybe now that there's a finite number of episodes I'll pick it back up? Maybe.) But I still love Dino, and anything involving him and his dorky awesomeness is okay by me! (Bonus points for Tsu-kun ;D)

Music RPF

Backstreet Boys
I am one of the biggest Brian/Nick shippers I know. Seriously, give me these two and I'll be happy as a clam. :D If you're not the shipping type, then group shots, or Nick, are fine too.

Big Bang
GD, GD, baby baby. I am a G-Dragon fangirl and not shy about it. I also ship GDYB. So GD alone or GDYB is awesome!

I am 100% formulaic with these music RPF requests, because once again it follows the "OMG I totally ship person A/person B, but person A by himself is totally cool too!" where in this case person A is Keita and person B is Ryohei.


Aww I miss this show so much! I will take anything you can give me. I am a Sam/Sock shipper, but don't expect that I'm expecting a shippy piece. I'll take the boys being awesome, the Devil being badass, or anything.

Scott Pilgrim

Two words: WALLACE WELLS. He is by far my breakout favorite character. He is snarky, badass, and doesn't take shit from anyone. Bonus points if he is gaying things up with Scott (they share a bed, for Pete's sake!), but if Wallace is just being his snarky, badass self that's cool too.

I also like Kim. ... I have a thing for the snarky characters in this fandom, don't I? o_O

Wildcard Fandoms:

Ben 10

Bevin! I love me the Bevin. I don't like little!Ben/little!Kevin so much, but OTOH I love Ben 10,000 and Kevin 11,000. I'm also not 100% a smut kind of girl. I love it, sure. But cuddles and domesticity are awesome too!

Harvest Moon

My absolute favorite characters are Popuri, Gray (both from HM64/BtN/FoMT/MFoMT) and Carl (from Magical Melody), but I also love Nina (original flavor HM) and Mary (either the original, or the 64/BtN/FoMT/MFoMT versions)

Kaleido Star

I love Sora and Ken (and Sora/Ken), as well as Layla, Mia, Rosetta and Anna (basically, anyone from season 1 except the antagonists).

Of course, thank you in advance for making something just for me, and I am sure whatever you make for me will be awesome and I will love it to pieces. Please don't stress about it, it's all in good fun (and Lord knows I'll probably be doing more than enough stressing for the both of us!)
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First off, Make The Yuletide Gay author reveals were today!

I wrote Difficulty Level: Moderate (popslash, PG, slash [Brian/AJ], 1226 words) for [ profile] daisiesdaily. This one was actually the easiest of the fics I had to write this year, obviously.

I just had to find a way to do it without smut, which proved to not to be a problem at all when I got 500 words in and hadn't even introduced AJ yet! (Heh. Oops.)

Also, 3 Ships fics went live! I got Reaper fic! People should go read "En Suite" (Reaper, PG-13 bordering on R, slash [Sam/Sock/Ben], 1007 words).
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I'm going to try very, very very hard to just use this account for fandom related stuff (because the username "fangirlism" is just so perfect for that!) and use my LJ for other stuff.

Stuff might be crossposted to LJ, but that'll be the exception, not the rule.

So I was originally gonna do one giant thought process post on the 6th once I Saw Three Ships stories went live and Make The Yuletide Gay authors were revealed, but that was back when I was planning on doing this on LJ. Now that I'm switching it up, I don't mind pseudo spamming this week.

Soooooo... I actually only wrote one story this year. I wrote The Three Not-So-Gifts of the Devil (Reaper, PG-13, gen, 1768 words) for [ profile] sock_me_amadeus, and with what a pain in the neck this story was, I'm not surprised I didn't write any others (the fact I had two other exchanges to juggle didn't help either.) Anyway, I needed to write an in-character (season 1 canon only) fic with a Sock and Ben focus to the prompt "the three souls at Christmas." The prompt helped me wonders (except for one thing that I'll get to later), because I was given a "no smut" clause, and the prompt lent for a longer story.

It was the "focus on Sock and Ben" and "keep them in character" parts that proved tough.

For people who don't know the canon, the characters I was assigned are supporting cast. The story revolves around their best friend, he's the big hero. How do I "write him out" so the other two get the focus. I threw ideas back and forth (thanks forever and a day to [ profile] steelneko, who was my idea bouncer/handholder), but nothing was working, until I got the idea of having this canon plot device that does exactly what I needed it to while also working well with the story plot/canon.

The other big issue I had to idea bounce was, exactly, who the three souls would be, and how could I relate them to Christmas. The first one ("Rosalie Lunsford") came to me fairly easy. The second ("Dewitt Bolliger") just hit me one day and I ran with it. The third ("Jim Solorzano")... oh I was ready to kill him a second time myself. I had such a hard time figuring out who he was and what he did and how was I ever gonna connect that to Christmas. I may have flubbed the science on Solorzano's quite a bit, but it's fiction, so I'm allowed.

I'm not 100% proud of this story. For a first try in a new fandom, it's alright, but I could have done so much better.
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First off, thank you so much for making a piece of artwork just for me, and don't be scared by the new name/face! (Isn't that the fun of challenges like this? :D)

Trust me, I am very easy to please, being a writer first and an (pseudo-)artist second.

I just wanted to elaborate on my requests, because I realized I didn't give you that much to work with (if you're already off and running cause it has been a week and a half, don't worry and totally disregard everything written here!).

So my initial requests were:

Really, my only specific requests are in regards to pairings:
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Dino/Tsuna, Tsuna/Haru or Haru/Kyoko
The Listener - Toby/Oz
Reaper - Sam/Sock, Sam/Sock/Ben, or Sam/Cady
Otherwise, anything at all you come up with will be wonderous for me!

Which still kinda stand, but if you need a little inspiration, I do have a few prompts you could work in:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Dino/Tsuna - I really love placing them between Varia arc and TYL arc, where Tsuna has taken his spot as Vongola X. Take it from there.
Tsuna/Haru - Either the same timeline as above, or high school. That would be so cute!
Haru/Kyoko - CAKE DAY! This whole ship revolves around cake day for me.

The Listener
Toby/Oz - A prompt that works better in fic than in art, but something incorporating Toby's mindreading would be so cool!

Sam/Sock or Sam/Sock/Ben - These guys need more love. Whether you go with just Sam/Sock, or do all three... start with a night of drinking?
Sam/Cady - "You're not my sister"

Again, thank you, so much, and don't stress yourself out!

(Note to f-list: This is Dear Santa letter 1 of 4.)
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