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Erika ([personal profile] fangirlism) wrote2013-02-21 02:33 am

Dear Rare Woman author,

First of all, thank you so much for writing a story just for me! It's pretty awesome, given the nature of this fest.

My generalities are pretty consistent.

What I Like
kid!fic (as in, the characters have kids, not the character are kids - toddler age is perfect), crushes/beginning of relationship (the concept of the feelings coming to fruition and both parties going, "WTF is going on? Why am I acting this way around him/her?" is one of my favorite fandom tropes), smut is always good, flirting.

What I Don't Like
Incest, bestiality and molestation are my only three sexual squicks, fandom has desensitized me to everything else. Character bashing. Yes, I'm generally a slasher but that doesn't mean I hate the female (or in the case of a femslash ship, male) characters (or, if I do, it's for reasons unrelated to "I ship his/her love interest with his/her best (fe)male friend and s/he gets in the way of the gay sex"). On that note, I also hate when writers completely disregard canon pairings. As much as I don't want them to, they exist. If you're gonna break them up, let us know how it happened. Please.

And now onto my specifics!

Requested Fandom #1: Ben 10, Gwen and Julie
I'd love to see them fighting some aliens without Ben or Kevin's help.

Gwen and Julie don't get enough love in the fandom. It's rare to see them shown as strong characters in their own right (especially in canon). Ben and Kevin always have to come in and "save the day." But, what if the girls don't need to be saved? I'd love something showing that.

Requested Fandom #2: Kaleido Star, Sora and Layla
I loved their dynamic and bonding while training for The Legendary Great Maneuver, and would love to see that bond outside of training.

What I loved about the Sora and Layla character dynamic is that it goes from Layla first resenting, almost hating Sora, to becoming her partner and mentor. That second relationship isn't shown much outside of their work, and I'd like to assume they still have that same dynamic in their personal life.

Requested Fandom #3: Eureka, Holly
I love Holly so much. I'd love anything about her!

Holly is, by far, one of my favorite characters in all of fiction (I mean, hell, my boyfriend told me she reminds him of me). I'd love anything about her, anything. What did she do before coming to Eureka? What did she do after leaving Eureka? What did she and Fargo do in their spare time? If none of these strike your fancy, anything you can think of will work too!

Requested Fandom #4: Pop Music RPF, Nicole and Ashley
A reunion fic would be amazing.

I know they briefly reunited in April of last year at some function, but maybe something a little more private would be cool. Like, they meet up for lunch one day, or run into each other at a club and have some drinks together to catch up. Or, even, they decide to do something more professional, like collaborating on a song?

Requested Fandom #5: Paradise Kiss, Yukari and Miwako
Maybe something where Miwako designs an outfit specifically for Yukari?

Miwako was almost obsessed with Yukari. Though Yukari was the muse of the whole group, it seems like Miwako liked her just a little bit more than everyone else (with the exception of George). I can see her designing a one of a kind outfit for her favorite muse.

Requested Fandom #6: Scott Pilgrim, Kim
Anything showing her being awesome.

Kim is by far my favorite female character in this series (isn't she almost everyone's?). Her cynicism makes her, but what caused her cynicism? Or, a story set around the same time as the The Wonderful World of Kim Pine mini-comic, with more things her horrible ex-roommates did to her (and maybe how she gets back at them).