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Dear Yuletide Santa,

First of all, thank you so much for writing a story just for me! It's pretty awesome, given the nature of this fest.

My generalities really didn't change between last year and this year.

What I Like
kid!fic (as in, the characters have kids, not the character are kids - toddler age is perfect), crushes/beginning of relationship (the concept of the feelings coming to fruition and both parties going, "WTF is going on? Why am I acting this way around him/her?" is one of my favorite fandom tropes), smut is always good, flirting.

What I Don't Like
Incest, bestiality and molestation are my only three sexual squicks, fandom has desensitized me to everything else. Character bashing. Yes, I'm generally a slasher but that doesn't mean I hate the female (or in the case of a femslash ship, male) characters (or, if I do, it's for reasons unrelated to "I ship his/her love interest with his/her best (fe)male friend and s/he gets in the way of the gay sex"). On that note, I also hate when writers completely disregard canon pairings. As much as I don't want them to, they exist. If you're gonna break them up, let us know how it happened. Please.

And now onto my specifics!

Requested Fandom #1: Entourage, Vince/Eric
I would love a fic where these two finally realize the reason they are totally co-dependent on each other (which would be, well, that they're in love with each other.)

I seriously just picked this series up earlier this year, and I've been trying to find the time to mainline it (I've gotten through season 1 and part of season 2). Yet, despite not being all the way through the series, I have fallen in love with it, for quite a few reasons:

1. It's borderline RPF not only because we're writing about actors in Hollywood living their lives in Hollywood, this is what happens when Mark Wahlberg writes a self-insert fic and changes the names.
2. As you can judge from my request: VINCE/ERIC. Okay, seriously. These two. They are so MFEO that HBO ships them. So I would love where all the subtext (so much subtext, thick like a fog!) comes to a head and we get them falling for each other.

Requested Fandom #2: Coffee Prince, Eun Chan/Han Gyeol
Okay, I would be over the moon if you wrote Eun Chan/Han Gyeol with genderswapped Eun Chan, but I understand that's not everyone's cuppa, so playing them straight (no pun intended) would be fine with me too.

Okay, one of the things that I love love love about this series is the pseudo-canon slash. My dream fic would involve the pseudo-slash become straight up slash with a male!Eun Chan. HOWEVER, I realize that genderswap is one of those things that you either love with every fiber of your being or loathe with the fire of a thousand suns, so by all means, you don't have to go for the genderswap/slash. Other possible plot bunny, if you'd like: Han Gyeol being amazed by (and later encouraging) Eun Chan to be less tomboyish and more girly.

Requested Fandom #3: Kisarazu Cat's Eye, Kohei "Bussan"/Futoshi "Bambi"
I keep trying for these two, on the off chance there is someone else in the world who has seen this drama writing. I'll take ANYTHING at this point.

And I mean it. I haven't requested these two since my first Yuletide, because I had given up on them for the most part, but this year I'm trying again. I'm even repeating what I had said that year: I meant when I said fic for this fandom is few and far between. But I'll get specific just for you. AU, please please! Particularly something where <spoiler>Bussan isn't dead, maybe not even sick</spoiler>, cause if you try to write canon, well you're pretty limited to the canon timeline, and that's no fun. Including baseball is almost required, because of the canon.

Requested Fandom #4: Sunao ni Narenakute, Keisuke "Nakaji"/Kaoru "Linda"
Two words: Alternate ending. These two both got SCREWED in canon (Linda especially), and I need fix-it fic for my own sake.

Let's face it: The ending to this series sucked, and needs to be ignored and rewritten. Nakaji got no redemption as a character, and Linda? Well... he got the worst ending ever. You don't even have to have them end up together (though doing so would be a huge bonus), but just something where Nakaji isn't a total pretentious douchebag and Linda gets treated as somewhat human would be awesome and I would love you for it.

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