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Erika ([personal profile] fangirlism) wrote2010-11-01 03:16 pm

Dear Make The Yuletide Gay Santa,

Alright, here we go once again:

General things about my preferences (unfortunately copied from, well, all my other Dear Writer letters this year, but it stays the same across the board):

What I Like
kid!fic (as in, the characters have kids, not the character are kids - toddler age is perfect), crushes/beginning of relationship (the concept of the feelings coming to fruition and both parties going, "WTF is going on? Why am I acting this way around him/her?" is one of my favorite fandom tropes), smut is always good, flirting.

What I Don't Like
Incest, bestiality and molestation are my only three sexual squicks, fandom has desensitized me to everything else. Character bashing. Yes, I'm generally a slasher but that doesn't mean I hate the female characters (or, if I do, it's for reasons unrelated to "I ship her love interest with her best male friends and she gets in the way of the gay sex"). On that note, I also hate when writers completely disregard canon pairings. As much as I don't want them to, they exist. If you're gonna break them up, let us know how it happened. Please. I also don't like character death (unless it's a person that has died IRL).

Popslash specific likes:
Europe era! (Goes along with my crush/start of relationship trope I like). Tour based fics (cramming two guys into one bus? LOVE!).

Backstreet Boys, Brian/Nick
OMG, again with the TIU tour based fic, and the "Bye Bye Love" moment (HI! I SAW IT FINALLY AND IT WAS AWESOME). But honestly, 1000+ words of them being awesome, and coupley, and whatever and I'll be golden.

Crossover, Nick/Lance
I picked these two on a whim two or three years ago, but this year I have really fallen for them, and picked them again because of that (or I might have started a Nick/Lance RP line because of picking them, and fell in love that way. Something like that). They might be my crossover OTP now, to the point that again... if you go this route I could honestly care less what you write me.