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Erika ([personal profile] fangirlism) wrote2010-10-15 01:33 am

My Fandoms, the Better Than It Sounds Edition

Some of these are hilarious (also, some of these are not current fandoms as well as not all of my fandoms are represented due to lack of entry):

Scott Pilgrim: A guy from Toronto falls in love with a girl from New York and decides to prove his love for her by systematically killing everyone else who ever loved her. It's a comedy.

Entourage: A hot actor, his Heterosexual Life Partner, his washed out brother, and their chubby firend, along with the actor's snarky agent and the agent's flamboyantly gay secretary have misadventures in Hollywood.

Reaper: A directionless twentysomething takes on a second job to pay off a debt his parents incurred. His friends help.

Kaleido Star: Spunky Japanese acrobat gets put through hell in order to make it big with American knockoff of Cirque du Soleil.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn: A baby trains a kid to be a Mafia boss while repeatedly shooting him in the head.

Paradise Kiss: Stiff and dull student is abducted by tecnicolor-haired aspiring fashion designers. Flamboyant jerkass dandy makes her his muse. The author loves Vivienne Westwood.

Ben 10: A boy with a tricked-out wristwatch, a girl who frequently spouts gibberish, and a retired Man In Black — They Fight Crime. And aliens.
Ben 10 Alien Force: Three teenagers hunt aliens in a world crawling with Face Full Of Alien Wing Wong.
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Boy gets new watch to fight The Collector while taking crap from a Strawman Political.

The Fairly Oddparents: A hyperactive bucktoothed kid in a pink hat acquires a pair of shape-shifting magical goldfish who defend him from the local nasty babysitter, school bully, and Sadist Teacher, while frequently giving him lessons in Be Careful What You Wish For.

Animal Crossing: You become the indentured servant of a raccoon. Your neighbors randomly hand out pianos, computers, and beds as rewards for completing minor chores. Alternatively: You move into a town inhabited by talking animals who give you big screen TVs and works of art for asking another animal to return a mundane item they borrowed.

Harvest Moon: You take over the old family farm, hang with the locals, and get married. That's about it. Or: A young man takes over an old farm and all the responsibilities associated with it.

The Sims: A group of people are at the complete, utter mercy of a whimsical and cruel god who alternates between deleting their toilets and trapping them inside the very walls of their own homes. Or: You are god and are given complete control over people who are unable to exit a pool if the ladder should mystertiously vanish. Or: Humanoids who speak gibberish and can't feed themselves without your help or exit the pool without a ladder constantly die, complain, neglect their children, catch things on fire and stick potato chip bags in the microwave.
The Sims 2: The same group of people's descendants are placed into the hands of the same god, who now can bring fates worse than the plagues of egypt upon them. Death itself occasionally ignores their corpse and watches their telly.
The Sims 3: An indescriptible force of darkness has forced itself onto the world, making the little people capable of exiting the pool without a ladder. This same force makes killing them slightly less desirable for the god.