fangirlism: (Nicky. <3)
Erika ([personal profile] fangirlism) wrote2010-10-14 03:54 am

Role Playing

So yeah, I'm an RPer. Have been for years. Go off and on with whether or not I'm joining a game or just sticking to private, one-on-one lines.

Well, thanks so much to [ profile] dear_mun I'm back to the whole "Games! Games! Games are awesome!" mindset.

But, like all things I do that I am all gung ho about the first week (hi I watched seven episodes of Entourage and stopped. Must fix that.), I really wanna wear myself thin.

I've got one muse in a game already, one with the app for [ profile] splendorocity as a WIP in a private entry awaiting a canon review, two (possibly three) more muses whose journals I have access too (one floating around d_m), and many more in teh headspace.

I also want to take muse #1 to another game (off LJ). I need help.

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