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Erika ([personal profile] fangirlism) wrote2010-01-06 10:38 pm

3 Ships and MtYG reveals!

First off, Make The Yuletide Gay author reveals were today!

I wrote Difficulty Level: Moderate (popslash, PG, slash [Brian/AJ], 1226 words) for [ profile] daisiesdaily. This one was actually the easiest of the fics I had to write this year, obviously.

I just had to find a way to do it without smut, which proved to not to be a problem at all when I got 500 words in and hadn't even introduced AJ yet! (Heh. Oops.)

Also, 3 Ships fics went live! I got Reaper fic! People should go read "En Suite" (Reaper, PG-13 bordering on R, slash [Sam/Sock/Ben], 1007 words).