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Erika ([personal profile] fangirlism) wrote2009-12-26 12:57 am

The "OMG LOOK WHAT MY FELLOW FEN GAVE ME!!!" post, part the first.

There will only be a part the second. I was gonna wait, and have these all done at once after the 3 Ships archive opened, but I realized that would mean it would be done after the artist/author reveals at Yuletart, Yuletide, and MtYG, and I wanted to do this during the anonymous period.

So, since the 3 ships archive opening coincides with the MtYG author reveals, I'll amend the squee post for that to my author/artist musings post for the other challenges.

And, without further ado...

I'll post about them in the order I received them.

First, Yuletart. I received "Best of Friends" (The Listener, G, gen, digital drawing). This was posted on a day I really needed something to cheer me up, and boy did this ever cheer me up! I really didn't get a chance to post a coherent comment because I was too busy squee-ing. First off, if you have ever seen the show (I don't believe I have any Listener fen added... yet), how spot on are Craig (Toby) and Ennis (Oz)?! I mean, they're in the artist's style, but it was very clear, to me, it was Craig and Ennis. Second off, this is totally in character for Toby and Oz, to be buddy-buddy like this! Third off, the artist? Really, really talented!

Second, MtYG. I received "Christmas Wishes Come True" (popslash, PG to PG-13, slash [Chris/AJ and hinted Brian/Nick], 1263 words). Okay. Wow. This one was a shock to me, mostly because it's the first year my writer hasn't gone the Brian/Nick route (they tried though, with a couple of lines that did make me smile). But the fic totally makes up for that by being mpreg (why yes, I am one of those who is totally not squicked by that, and in fact loves it to death)! It's a kink actually done in popslash quite a bit, but never before in a story just for me! :D

Last (for now), Yuletide. I received "Aqueous Transmission" (The Listener, PG, slash [Toby/Oz], 2285 words). I was so excited when I guessed that I was getting Listener fic this year for Yuletide, because I wanted a fic for that fandom more than any other! And not only did I get Listener fic, I got my Toby/Oz mind reading fic! It was exactly perfect, with Toby (ab)using his powers to tap into Oz's head and realize there were romantic feelings there, and it didn't get too graphic, their little cuddling scene was more than enough for me! :D