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Erika ([personal profile] fangirlism) wrote2009-10-27 02:11 am

Dear Yuletart Santa,

First off, thank you so much for making a piece of artwork just for me, and don't be scared by the new name/face! (Isn't that the fun of challenges like this? :D)

Trust me, I am very easy to please, being a writer first and an (pseudo-)artist second.

I just wanted to elaborate on my requests, because I realized I didn't give you that much to work with (if you're already off and running cause it has been a week and a half, don't worry and totally disregard everything written here!).

So my initial requests were:

Really, my only specific requests are in regards to pairings:
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! - Dino/Tsuna, Tsuna/Haru or Haru/Kyoko
The Listener - Toby/Oz
Reaper - Sam/Sock, Sam/Sock/Ben, or Sam/Cady
Otherwise, anything at all you come up with will be wonderous for me!

Which still kinda stand, but if you need a little inspiration, I do have a few prompts you could work in:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Dino/Tsuna - I really love placing them between Varia arc and TYL arc, where Tsuna has taken his spot as Vongola X. Take it from there.
Tsuna/Haru - Either the same timeline as above, or high school. That would be so cute!
Haru/Kyoko - CAKE DAY! This whole ship revolves around cake day for me.

The Listener
Toby/Oz - A prompt that works better in fic than in art, but something incorporating Toby's mindreading would be so cool!

Sam/Sock or Sam/Sock/Ben - These guys need more love. Whether you go with just Sam/Sock, or do all three... start with a night of drinking?
Sam/Cady - "You're not my sister"

Again, thank you, so much, and don't stress yourself out!

(Note to f-list: This is Dear Santa letter 1 of 4.)